Hungry Shark Evolution Map Shells Megalodon

Have you any idea about Hungry Shark Evolution Map?

If no, Then don’t worry I shall give you all information about maps of this game.

First, Map is the main thing of this game because without having any map you cannot find anything.So if you do not find necessary things then you are not able to complete any mission. Hungry Shark Evolution Map enables you to find anything in the game. There are many maps in this game, I shall explain yo the value of each map in detail.

Hungry Shark Evolution Basic Map

The basic map is a purchasable feature by which you are able to see the whole world under the sea. It enables you to make your way easy by seeing things that are coming in your way.You can also see your daily awards from this map and is cost only 2000 coins. Once you bought this map you are able to see everything.

From the basic map, you are able to unlock all locations and you can easily find your position.If you want to make treasure hunting easy then you need to purchase the basic map. After this treasure hunting will become easier. Remember that every shark has its own ability and depth so you can not get all treasure easily. Make sure you buy the basic map so that you can get treasure easily.Your shark icon will start to change if your shark gets hurts or starving. The basic map does not work on arctic land and also on the alien planet.

You need to keep eyes on the map because sometimes it’s hard to find the treasure so make sure you keep eyes on the map always. Sometimes treasure is too high so you need to jump three times higher to get this treasure. If you are facing difficulty in buying basic map then you may use Hungry Shark Evolution Map Cheat. With this, you are able to buy the basic map and improve your game. There are a blue circle and a red dot on the basic map.

Now let me inform you about Hungry Shark Evolution map cheatsIn map cheat, you are able to unlock any map if you face problem while purchasing any map. After you unlock basic map you can now able to see treasures. Basically, map cheat is a hacking tool from which you can hack any map to clear any mission of sharks.

Map cheats enable you to see all hidden treasure which is not shown when you purchase the map. After you enable the map cheat all maps are available for you now it’s up to you which map do you want to choose.

The blue circle shows you where the red dot is located and red dot help you location of the treasure. Once you collect all treasures in the game you can now unlock Hungry Shark Evolution New MapWith the help of this map, you can enter into different worlds and explore many things.

There are many types of an island in which you can enter like a pacific island, Arctic island etc. You need to unlock new maps after this you can enter in the new world.

Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Now I shall tell you about another map of the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution Treasure Map

The treasure map is very costly. Its cost is 130 gems and it can not be purchased easily. You need to collect many gems.After you get this map you are able to collect sunken treasure and also many others things.Crab liar, Arctic land and also many other rewards are displayed on this map also and you can collect them also.

If you want to collect any event treasure then you may be dissatisfied from this and like other maps this map is also strictly preferred.  If you want to purchase this map then you have to buy basic map first. After this, you are able to purchase this.This map has many advantages as compare to other maps as it shows you all locations of the sea. This map also shows you all 15 hidden sunken treasure on the map.

Hungry Shark Evolution Treasure Map also shows you the mission shells without purchasing mission map but it only works for the limited time.One of the main advantages of this map is that if you think you collect all hidden sunken treasure, Hungry Shark Evolution Map of Sunken items you that how much sunken treasure are remaining to collect. With this, you can easily collect remaining treasure which is hidden.

So Maps are the most important part of the game as they help you to collect hidden items and also many others things. Collect many coins and gems so that you are able to buy the maps of the game.  After you get maps then you can find anything quickly and easily.

I shall explain you about How To Get Hungry Shark Evolution map? 

First get many coins as you can get and after this, Buy a basic map once you buy a basic map you can collect some treasures which are hidden and after this, you can earn many coins and gems.  Collect all gems and coins so that you are able to buy another map which is the treasure map. The treasure map is very costly but once you buy it you are able to collect all hidden treasures.

New Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Hungry Shark Evolution Map

Hungry Shark Evolution Mission Map

This map helps you to find all mission shells which are located in the sea. It cost only 60 gems so collect 60 gems and get this map. Once you get this map you can use it while collecting missions shells and hidden treasures. Hungry Shark Evolution Mission Map can not be used in practice but you can use this in mission and it only helps you if you are in a big trouble while finding mission shells then this map will help you. Once you find mission shells then this map is useless.

But This map is useful for new users or the persons who don’t know how to collect shells.  This map is useful to find shells but sometimes it is impossible to get shells of some shark because they are deeply hidden and you cannot get there without the help of this map. With help of hungry shark evolution mission map, you can easily find the shell location and can get the shells easily.

Hungry shark evolution megalodon mission shells map allows you to collect all shells of the sharks and once you collect all shells then this map is useless but the map useful for the persons who have no idea about mission shells. Each shark in the game has its own mission shells so there are many shells which you can collect during and after the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution Map
Hungry Shark Evolution Map

You can also download Hungry Shark Evolution  APK for android to play the game on your android. If you don’t have any PC or laptop then you can play this game on your android by downloading apk file of this game on your android.